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Qaroon e Wusta Key Muslmano Key Sciency Karnamey

Qaroon e Wusta Key Muslmano Key Sciency Karnamey is an urdu book by ABdul Qadar Lon. Many students of Islamic world think that in scientific development was only participated by Western scientists. So author of this book authored this book to enlighten the Muslims scholars, philosophers and scientists.

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Wednesday, December 03, 2014 - By M. Amir

Burj aur Sitarey! Haqiqat Kia Hey?

Human beings used to see the sky at night where many stars and planets being seen by our eyes. When at dark night , moon has disappeared then a sky looks like very colorful mat. In our childhood we did not know what is difference planets and stars. There are differences  between stars, planets and galaxies.  Although we see sky at night and many stars look in night but there in newspapers we read " how you day will pass in light of stars" but we should read as " how your night will pass in light of stars", because stars are seen in night. People believe about star's augury or stars are good. In Islam to predict something in light of stars or planets is forbidden. However our daily newspapers publish many predictions in light of stars. Here following book by Dr. Muhammad Saleem is about Stars and Planets seen in sky in many forms of the crab, lion, fish and the bull etc. Writers discussed the reality of effects of stars and planets in light of Quran, Hadiths and Islamic sources. Read and up grade your knowledge by reading Buraj aur Sitaray Kiya Kehtey Hain?

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Thursday, October 02, 2014 - By M. Amir

Allah Ki Muhabbat

Love of Allah (Allah Ki Muhabbat) is an Urdu Book written by Haroon Yahya and translated by M. Nazeer Ahmed. As we Darwin introduced his theory of evolution, many people misguided and strayed in their believes about creation of Adam a.s, and then Eve a.s, Haroon Yahya dedicated his whole life to guide Muslims to understand real meanings of Koranic words, to understand the purpose of creation of this universe. Allah is most merciful for human and all other living creations, its great blessing of Allah for us that Allah is most merciful and forgiving, we should develop this love and affection with Allah, always say thanks to Allah to get more blessings, follow all his Prophets to pass our lives according to orders of Allah.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014 - By M. Amir

Open Blocked Sites in Pakistan without Software

Zenmate is a software by a German Developer, its a high speed and secure software to browse online without losing internet speed as far as no ad banner or pop up will appear during browsing,
مزید رہنمائی کیلئےانگریزی تحریر کے آخر میں ویڈیو دیکھیں
For More Assistance Please Watch Video at End of English Text
Common Benefits of This Software
This Software Helps you to Open and Unblock Sites which have been blocked and banned by Government due to any cause 
when you use it encrypt and redirect your internet traffic (Data Transfer) through high speed Zenmate's servers, in this way your real IP and location are become hidden. Its like a proxy very simple in use like 1.2.3.
مزید رہنمائی کیلئےانگریزی تحریر کے آخر میں ویڈیو دیکھیں
For More Assistance Please Watch Video at End of English Text
Only one click Button to On or Off and compressed all data with Zenmate cloud to allow maximum speed for you. Here are optionally 5 Locations to browse your data securely i.e. Germany, Hong Kong , Switzerland, United States and United Kingdom. Chose any of them easily. Its very easily that an inexpert person can use it , really easy installation, installed in your browser (Chrome) seamlessly, there is an other best use of this software is that it automatically detect and block unwanted and bad sites like malware and phising sites to protect your computer from harm. Its very easy to install , auto updating and ad blocker for iOS, Zenmate blocks ads which are already on your servers, it means less data and clutter and more speed and fun!
مزید رہنمائی کیلئےانگریزی تحریر کے آخر میں ویڈیو دیکھیں
For More Assistance Please Watch Video at End of English Text
Zenmate only can be used with Google Chrome so you will have to install first Chrome!
 When  You will go to Google Apps to Add Zenmate on Your Browser You will be highlighted to install Chrome First to use Zenmate and many other Apps!
 They Officially announced , soon it will be available for Fire Fox Mozilla and other browsers!
This software only can be installed with Google Chrome, so you should have to install Google Chrome first on your system then go toExtensionZenMate for Google Chrome
and install Zenamet from here
Watch Video Here ویڈیو دیکھیں
Monday, March 31, 2014 - By Ali Hasan

Quran Aur Sciencey Driyaftain

Read Online Urdu Book by Dr. Zakir Naik about Islam, Koran and Scientific inventions in this world of 20th Century.

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Saturday, December 14, 2013 - By Ali Hasan

Al Beruni

Al Beroni By Syed Hassan Burni
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Sunday, October 27, 2013 - By Ali Hasan

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