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Tarikhi Dastaweez is an Urdu book contains the detailed struggles of Muslims against Qadiyani. This book was compiled by Hazrat Maulana Abdul Qayum. Qadiani /Qadianism or ( Ahmadiyya ) are non Muslims and they believe that Mirza Ghulam Muhammad Qadiani was prophet of Allah, while other Muslims (All Sects) denied their claim and proved that they are non Muslims and then a section was also mentioned in constitution of Pakistan about them, as they will not make their mosques, will not use word Muslim for them and will never use word Islam for their religion. Here following book contains about the details of hard work by Muslims against Qadiani to prove them non Muslims.

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Hayat e Maseeh a.s Ka Saboot is an Urdu book by Abdul Rehman Bava. He mentioned in his book about faiths and believes of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed Qadiyani, who also reported in his book about life of Jesus and his lifting to sky, but after 12 years without any logic he denied this faith and also claimed to be a Masih or Savior, he was replied by many Muslims scholars but Mirza could not argued his faiths and died. It is worthy to mention here about books authored by Qazi Syed Suleman Salman Mansur Poori,  i.e, Ghayet Al Maram and Tayeed al Islam and Rehmat e Aalmeen, Qazi stoped debate but started intellectual dialogue with his writings and books and send these books to Mirza and predicted that Mirza would not able to perform Hajj, you will not able to write the reply of my books and you will die before my death. Surprisingly above three prophecies were become true. Here, Bawa, give us details about many faiths and debates of Mirzayees.

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Fitna e Yousuf Kazzab is an Urdu book compiled by Arshad Qureshi. The person namely Yusuf was from Lahore and claimed to be Prophet and said I am another form of Muhammad, while first form of Muhammad was Adam a.s and I am now at present same Prophet. Compiler of the book met first time Yousf in Islamabad where he stayed at his home and there he also addressed with people who were invited by compiler, there yousef always made his address very carefully but in private meetings he claimed to be a Prophet like Muhammad PBUH (Last Prophet) and also claimed to be God. Compiler said once he saw an VVIP Passport and an certificate issued by Foreign Office of Pakistan that Yousuf will be treated in all over world as Very Important Personality. Compiler said when he saw this passport he was shocked and thought about Yousf as he was an agent of Enemies of Islam. However Session and High courts rejected his Bail applications, this real story belongs to year 1992/93.

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Kharji Firqey Ki Pehchan is an Urdu Book which was originally authored in Arabic in light of Fatwa of Islamic Scholars of Saudi Arabia. Then it was translated into Urdu by Fazal u Rehman Nadwi. If we read history we will come to know that after a battle of Siffin a group or sect came into existence and known with name of Kharji (Outcasts or Externals). Muhammad PBUH said about these Kharjis that after me a group of people will arise and recite holy book but it would not go beyond their throats, and they will pass through the Islam as an arrow pass through prey and never come back, so these people when they will pass from Islam, will never come back in Islam, these people (Kharji) will be the worst people in all creation and creatures.

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Maarka e Rangun is an Urdu book by Hazrat Maulana Ahmed Bazurg Samalki. This book contains the details of a debate with Lahore Party of Mirza Ahmed Qadiyani, wherein leader of said party Khawaja Kamaludin escaped after defeating in the debate. Imam of Ahl e Sunnah Abdul Shakoor Lakhnawi defeated Lahori Party. This debate held in Capital of Burma , Rangoon in 1920.

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