Jasusi Digest October 2015

Friday, October 02, 2015 - By M. Amir

Jasusi Digest October 2015, read online or download free latest edition of popular digest Jasoosi Digest for October 2015. Ebola by Amjad Raees about a story which starts from the danger of Ebola, Akiley Wakailey by Manzar Imam about those who get support of idiom but failed, Dhoong by Sakandar Aleem a story received from West and translated into Urdu, Bakra Baraye Tawan by Kashif Zubair a comedy and humorous story, Angarey by Tahir Javed Mughal episode 4 amazing and interesting, thrilling and twisting in each episode each line, Lalach by Parweaz Balgrami a story of dark people having brightened future a story full of revenge, Double Cross by Saleem Anwar a story of a brave woman who did not surrendered in difficulties, Awara gard by Dr Abdul Rab Bhatti a story of action, thrilling and drama , Sayee La Hasil Struggle without result a story of man who want to gain after losing all by Sirina Raz, Ayeney Ka Sach by  Tanweer Riaz a story of people of a village who pay much importance for their family pride and ancestry, donate a car, Na Maloom Anonymous by Asif Malik a story of murder of an honest Police Officer, Barra Kam The Big Goal by Mazar Imam a story of life's blessings on men but men ignore nature and blessings, Yaum e Hisab by Mariam K Khan a story of variation of life, and many more in this monthly edition of Jasusi Digest October 2015

Jasusi Digest October 2015
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