Suspense Digest October 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015 - By M. Amir

Suspense Digest October 2015, read online or download here free, in this monthly edition of Suspense Digest October 2015 read following articles, stories and essays, Preface by John Elia he is mourning on the difficulties on the current time, Khudang e Usmani by ALiyas Sitapuri he is writing from pages of history about Othomons Empire, Sheesh Mehal by Asma Qadri Colors of Changes, Insaf Talab by Malik Safdar Hayat he memorizing a man who was trying to fly without pings,  Bahar Sey Pehly by Manzar Imam story of a kid which was much frightened, Sach Ka Samna by Tanweer Riaz is a story of a escaped criminal, Ibleesi by Kahsif Zubair, story of dead bodies and alive spirits, Poetry, Jal Saz by Rizwana Sajid story of pretty ladies, Marwi by Mohudin Nawab, Intqam by Samar Abas story of revenge, Jane Janan Ka Khalifa story of Sufism by Zia Tasneem Balgrami, Charb Zuban by Saleem Anwar is a story of man who knows tricks to talk, Gum Gashta by Dr Sajid Amjad is story of a person who wishes to follow the right way. and many more in Suspense Digest October 2015, Jokes and many interesting stories for you in Suspense Digest October 2015

Suspense Digest October 2015
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Suspense Digest October 2015

    • Shayad 1 to 5 - Shayed by Faiza Iftikhar novel episodes 1, 2,3,4 and 5 in single file. [image: Shayed by Faiza Iftikhar novel episodes 1, 2,3,4 and 5 in single file.]
    • Kamyab Log 25 (Rastegaran) - Watch Episode No.25 of Iranian TV Serial Rastegaran (Persian Name:رستگاران) and "The Successful People" is its English Name. A woman who comes to Tehran j...
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