Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Ruhani Digest August 2015

Ruhani Digest August 2015, read online or download free latest spiritual Urdu digest Roohani Digest this paper is direct contact with Allah by human, so read it and know whats on your mind and what abilities have been granted to you by Allah. There are many abilities hidden in humans granted by Allah but human should recognize himself and take a best benefit at positive with those abilities. In this edition a special article about other creatures on other planets in this universe than humans, read also an article about a man ,Khuda Bakhash kept X rays eyes and could see with shut eyes.  Piri Reis was a Turkish/ Ottoman  Admiral , Geographer and cartographer who authored a book , Book of Navigation which has a best and full information of cartographical work of period, it has the best and authentic maps of Arab, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Indian and older Greek. Not Self made but Allah made. Read many more articles of information for your knowledge.

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