Ubqari March 2015

Sunday, March 08, 2015 - By M. Amir

Ubqari for March 2015 is a spiritual and religious monthly magazine in Urdu. Its a great Magazine has many tips and solutions for your health, beauty and virtual manners. In this monthly edition you will find following topics best for your health, beauty and life: Aik Glass Pani aur Saat Bimariyan Khatam (One Glass of Water for Drink and 7 Diseases will be treated Naturally), Chehrey Ki Jhurriyan aur Jildi Bimariyon Sey Ilaj (Diseases of Skin and Face), Hakeem Sahib Key Khutbaat----Iqtabas Az Kashaf al Mahjub, Khaney Main Bair Fawaid Main Saib (Ziziphus_mauritiana has benefits of Apples), Ghurba Ko Tang Karney Waley Ko Ghar Main Dafan Krna Para (A Man who do not care poor, at time his death was to be buried at home), Lal Aatey Ki Roti Seht Ko Faida (Red Flour is needful for body and health), Jinnat Hamari Khdmat Kar Rhey Hain (Jinns are serving us from many decades), Zaitoon aur Ispaghola Aik Bar Zaroor Azmayen (Olive and Seed Spogul are best for health), Saanp Ney Doodh Pita Bacha Doobney Sey bacha Lia (Snack saved a baby), Bahar Phoolon Ka Mausam (Spring 2015), Dua Ki Barkat, Fragrance Bath for Freshness.

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