Naye Ufaq March 2015

Sunday, March 08, 2015 - By M. Amir

Naye Ufq March 2015, read online or download free Urdu Digest Naye Ofaq. This Digest has colorful stories and interesting novels in it. This monthly edition of March 2015 is special number known as Political Crime Number or Siyasi Jarayem Number. Dastak by Mushtaq Ahmed, Guftagu by Imran Ahmed, Iqra by Tahir Qureshi, Hadaf (Target) by Noshad Adil, Deepak Taan (Tune of Lamp) by Shehnaz Naseem, Zarb Plus by Fiyaz al Rehman, Ghalt Fehmi (Miss understanding) by Rahila Naz, Allah Bakhash by Anwar Grewal, Laurence of Afghanistan by Zareen Qamar, Siyasat Ki Kokh (Base of Politics) by Alishba Makhdum, Non Political Interview by Khurasheed Pirzada, Bheent (Slaughter) by Ali Akhtar, Kaley Chehrey by Anjum Farooq, Qalandar Zat by Amjad Javed, Jagat Singh by Shameem Naveed, Ruhani Masail by Hafiz Shabeer, Zauq e Agehi by Affan Ahmed, Khushbu Sukhan by Umar Asrar and many more.

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