Friday, January 16, 2015

Gustakhi Kis Cheez Ka Naam Hey

Gostakhee Kes Chiz Ka Nam Hai is an Urdu book by Mufti Faiz Ahmed Awaisi, he said this book was written with the help of another book by Imam Sayuti r.a, there are many kinds of insolence i.e imagine someone other lower class thing or person like Muhammad PBUH, or think about knowledge of Prophet lower as a simple man on the earth, so this kind of insolence of is also mentioned in books by Muslims, and we are not allowed to say such words about Muhammad PBUH, compiler of this book also mentioned that some scholars of other sects of Muslims never care their words and many times they use such words for Islamic Prophet PBUH, he mentioned the names of such scholars as Ashraf Ali Thanwi, Ismail Dehlwi, Gangohi, and Anbethwi , as well as Maudoodi reaches the highest stage of insolence regarding Prophet and Prophecy. However he described all things in the following book according to Sunni Sect.

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