Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dajjal Shaitani Hathkandey aur Teesri Jang e Azeem

Dajjal Shetani Hathkanddey aur Teesri Jange e Azim is an book by Ahmed Hasan Alfreoni  about antichrist and third world war. The word antichrist (Arabic: Dajjal) is magnificent which contains many meanings and its scope of implementation is very vast. In simple it means antichrist will be the biggest liar so it is known as antichrist (Dajjal). Whenever Muhammad PBUH mentioned Dajjal in his speech, Muhammad PBUH and all companions seek refuge from such temptation. Why Muhammad and Companions seek refuge from such temptation? were they frightened from death or battle with antichrist? No... they were afraid of such battles but they were afraid of fraud and magnification of antichrist. Muhammad pbuh said the biggest temptation in my Nation (Ummah) will be temptation of Wealth and Property. We come to know by reading such sayings of Muhammad PBUH that Dajjal will use such tricks and traps of wealth and property to harm human being. Allah, then will help Muslims by sending Mehdi and Jesus (a.s) (Again) in Muslims.It is worthy to mention here that Asrar Alam was first Muslim Scholar who informed Muslims of Sub Continent about Dajjal, secrecy of Jews and Zionists.

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