Saturday, December 13, 2014

Behas Bagh e Fidak

Behas Bagh e Fadak is a chapter from a book Aayeaat e Byenaat (Ayat e Bayyanat) by Nawab Mohsin ul Mulk, this title became so famous that people forget his real name which is as Syed Mehdi Ali who was born on 9 Dec 1837 in British India, he belongs to a Shiite family so he was educated under supervision of Shiite Scholars and learned Fiqh, Arabic, Persian and other Islamic and Formal Educations. After learning he started research about Islamic Sects and at last he left Shiites Sect and became a Sunni and authored a book known as Verses of Evidence (Aayat-e-Bayyanat). When Sir Syed died, Mohsin ul Molk was new Admin of Ali Garh University, India. He worked so hard and university met a high level of its popularity in India. The Verses of Evidence was also answered by Brother of Mohsin al Mulk, known as Molvi Ameera Hasan and name of book is Aayat-e-Muhakkamat, in starting pages it was claimed that Nawab Mohsin was a Shiite and remained Shiite till death and the book verses of Evidence was authored to get pleasure of friends and officers of Nawab. Any how, it not means to start a new debate here about Shiites and Sunni..... read books only to get enough knowledge and do not hurt some one if he belongs to any sect.

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