Saturday, November 1, 2014

Kirdar e Yazid (L.A)

Kirdar e Yazid is an Urdu Book by Syed Muhammad Baqar Ali Shah. We seeing there is a group who is in disguise of Sunni sect and they are propagating that Yazid (l.a) is in blessings of Allah and the event of Karbala which was took place by orders of Yazid has no reality in it if it has reality than Yazid is innocent and had no fault by him for this event. But we have to say only words that after event of Karbala he also send army and also ordered the chief of army to attack on Madinah and to loot city for three days and you and your army is allowed to do all prohibited acts in Islam. His army attacked Madinah, many hundred companions of Muhammad, many honorable ladies were raped and many thousands were martyred by the army of Yazid than army went to Makkah and also threw stones on Kaba was destroyed by these stones. Two horns of sheep which was sent from Heaven to slaughter in place of Hazrat Ismail a.s.

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