Al Behas al Makhtum Fi Hal Aqad Umme Kalsum

Al Behas al Makhtoom Fi Hall Aqad Umm e Kalthum is an Urdu book about the history of Marriage of Hazrat Umar bin Khattab r.a (Second Caliph of Muslims) with Daughter of Ali a.s (4th Caliph of Muslims), many of Shiites believe in that this marriage was under pressure of "State" and Family of Ali a.s was not ready/agree for this, on other hand many of Shiites say that Umm e Kalsum r.a was not real daughter of Ali a.s (Read Siyasat Nama e Shaam for more details)  so there are many disputes about this marriage while Sunni scholars states that Ali and his family was agreed for this marriage and there were very close relations among all these our senior and elders Islamic Personalities and Family of Prophet PBUH.

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