Friday, October 3, 2014

Dua Key Masail

Read and Download Free Urdu Book " Dua Kay Masayel" by Muhammad Iqbal Kilani, Muhammad PBUH saya , Supplications are Worship in itself. Muhammad PBUH also says Supplication is spirit of Prayer. We can also say that Supplication is a branch or kind of Prayer and worship. The most first prayer which was learned by Allah to Adam is also a supplication. Only Supplications are not specified or categorized by Allah at specific time, day, place or month. Because Supplications can be done every where , every time, by every one. Our Ideal and Model Life of Muhammad PBUH passed his life with supplications and prayers, every act has its special prayer like sleeping, awaking, drinking, eating, arrival at home, departure from home, meeting with friends and people, like or dislike something, Graveyard, patients, change dress, eclipse, rain, wind, blowing, enemy, storm, protection and condolences prayers are specified by Sunnah & Hadith Books. Near about there are 700 Supplications for different issues and affairs by Muhammad PBUH proved by Islamic Scholars. Following book contains ways, issues, methods, time and details of supplications.

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