Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ashaab E Badar

Companions of Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH in a battle known as Badar at place of Badar with idolatrous of Makkah, Abu Jahal was leading the army of idolatrous of Makkah, Muslims were in Madinah but when they about the invasion of idolatrous they call a meeting and after Muhammad PBUH and Muslims decided to fight with idolatrous in place out of Madinah, so Muslims were only 313 soldiers and only 70 camels and 2 horses with few swords, while idolatrous were more than Muslims and their numbers were near about 1000 with swords and other weapons necessary for battle. Qazi Muhammad Suleman Salman Mansurpoori wrote this book about the biography of 313 volunteers of Islam in Battle of Badar. These Companions of Muhammad PBUH were 100% believers of Allah and once Abdul Rehman son of Abu Bakar Sadique said to his father Abu Bakar that on day of Badar I could attack on you but I stopped my hand but Abu Bakar Sadique R.A said if I could get control over you on day of Badar I never stopped my sword to kill you. This book will tell you about lives of 313 soldiers of Allah who fought against idolatrous of Makkah with Muhammad PBUH.

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