Mosua Fiqh Complete (Vol 1 to 12)

Saturday, August 23, 2014 - By M. Amir

Read Online or Download Free complete book (Volume 1 to Volume 12) , Mosuaa Fiqh by Islamic Fiqh Academy (New Delhi, India), in these days all encyclopedias for different studies and arts are compiled by different nations, but it was a tragedy with Muslims that no one could compile the encyclopedia of Islamic studies, Fiqh, Rules and Laws, but after many years, Kuwait (a Muslim Country) started to compile the Fiqh Encyclopedia and after compiling they also served Nation of Muslims as, they tried hard to translate this encyclopedia in other live languages of Muslims as Urdu is a language of larger community of Muslims in India, Pakistan and other few Asian countries. So Islamic Fiqh Academy, New Delhi, India, at last published this encyclopedia in Urdu Language in 12 Volumes containing 5354 pages, and the specific and important thing to read this book here that you may easily scroll to other volumes directly without scrolling page by page.

Read Online OR Download Here

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