Saturday, December 21, 2013

Kashf Ul Mahjoob

Kashf-ul-Mahjoob (Revelation of Mystery) is held in high esteem as the first important treatise on Sufism. Hazrat Ali Hujwiri (ra) was a prolific writer, perceptive and discriminating in his choice of topics. Kashf-ul-Mahjoob was written in response to the request of his fellow townsman Hazrat Abu Saeed Hujwiri (ra) who put the following questions to him:
“ Explain the true meaning of the Path of Sufism. Explain the nature of the stations' (maqamat) of the Sufis, their doctrines and sayings and make clear their mystical allegories.
Explain how the love of Allah and ecstasy overwhelm the hearts.
Explain why the intellect is incapable to perceive the reality of the Truth.
Explain why the nafs (lower soul) is reluctant to attain the proximity of the Truth and how the spirit gets enrichment and life thereof.
Explain the doctrine, sayings and the practical aspects of Sufism which are connected with these theories.

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