Friday, November 1, 2013

Dastan E Mughlia

Dastan E Mughlia is an Urdu translation of a book by Niccolao Manucci, he was an Italian and had a deep desire to travel around the world so he left his home in age of 14. He found a ship on port of Venus was going to Smyrna (Turkish name is İzmir and in Greek it is called Smyrne). There Lord Belmont met him and then Lord took him as his servant , Lord was going to Iran and then he went to India with Niccolao where Lord died and Niccolao alone went to court of Mughals and joined to serve them. Manucci spent almost his entire life in India. He would then send home the manuscript for "Storia do Mogor". He worked in the Mughal court. He worked in the service of Dara Shikoh, Shah Alam, Raja Jai Singh and Kirat Singh.
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