Muhadarat Qurani

Monday, October 14, 2013 - By Ali Hasan

Muhazarat Qur'ani by Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi
A collection of twelve lectures by Dr. Mahmood Ahmad Ghazi, surveying the entire field of Qur'an studies from beginnings to the current times. Best survey of the past and present of Islamic sciences with penetrating insights and invaluable suggestions for the future. Dr. Mahmood Ghazi was the president of the International Islamic University Islamabad. Each book in this series consists of twelve lectures that define the subject, explain its purpose, narrate how it evolved, who were the major contributors to it and what exactly were their contributions, what issues did the scholars of this field of study faced in history and how they were answered, and where do we stand now. It describes the challenges facing today and suggests directions for future work. Dr. Ghazi has spent a lifetime in studying and teaching these subjects. The readers will benefit from his accumulated experience and keen insights to see a valuable roadmap that will make their own educational journey easy. Nothing like this exists in any other language.
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