Monday, September 16, 2013

Aabla Badan (Romantic Urdu Novel)

Pustular Boday is translation of Aabla badan , a novel by Muhiyu Din Nawab is about a Hindi boy and girl, a love story which reveals them that the boy is not a Hindu but a Muslims and was adopted by a Hindu , then after world war 1 , he goes to Japan from British govt. during this period the girl was forced to be a call girl for British army to grant them sexual relaxation , her mother tried hard to make her a call girl but failed ,,, why she failed , how the girl saved herself from such attacks? its all in story , to know all read full lines, after a long time boy came back and got marry with her , they passed their life as secular in their own home, no one know about his belief, then he died after he was granted with a boy and he also fell in love with a Muslim girl , writer of story desired to meet with the lady who saved herself in absence of boyfriend who went to war.

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